Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprise Surprise

I guess I should apologize for lying in my last post. Turns out I am pregnant! During the month we didn't try, during the month I got a new tattoo, during the month I drank on numerous occasions we conceived a child. I never wanted to be one of those assholes that says "Just relax and stop trying so hard and it will happen." Well in my case I guess it was true. I've been charting, temping, prenatal drug popping & having sex like a teenager for over 6 months and the month we say "Nope we're done trying for awhile" it happens. I'm not complaining at all! I've worked my ass off for this baby! Now if I could just keep my emotions under control I'd be all set. I was never this emotional with Jordyn, I was happy as a clam from the moment I finally accepted that I was really pregnant and no my period wasn't just months late. This baby is so different already. I'm over emotional, in a foul mood majority of the day and just hoping I can hold it together for 9 months. I'm also so nervous. I'm constantly feeling like something bad is going to happen. I had my first OB appointment last Friday and we got to see the tiny nugget of a baby with it's tiny beating heart. I think I almost puked on the ride there and not from morning sickness. If I could calm my nerves I would probably be a happier person. It's a lot harder to be pregnant with a 2 year old tugging at your leg. I'm tired. And whiney. Don't mind me!


Natalie said...

Congrats Kara! That's so exciting. I hope you're feeling more balanced soon. Having 2 is great!

Adi said...

I know i'm late on commenting on here but CONGRATS! i'm so excited for you!!