Thursday, March 4, 2010

Real Quick Recap

I'll try to actually blog here while I have a minute or two to compose my thoughts. Life has been busy... overly busy the past 3 weeks. My sister & niece came for a visit on February 15th and left February 28th. In that time my mom also came for 5 days towards the end. It was great having family around and someone to talk to during the day besides a sassy 2 year old that repeats herself 7 million times. We went a lot of places, saw some things and spent some moola. We went to our local outlet mall and it was great! Awesome deals, all outdoors like a little village. I was only disappointed in one thing... the price of Le Creuset bake ware is RIDICULOUS even at outlets. Booo to that! We went to the Houston Zoo (our 3rd time) which I love to bits! No one was there on a sunny Thursday afternoon which rocked! Jordyn saw an elephant pee and quickly announced "That elephant needs a diaper change!" Oh the things 2 year olds say! We went to the NASA Space Center. Don't laugh but I never knew when they said "Houston we have a problem" that they meant Houston, Texas. Am I stupid? I thought it was a person's name. The space center is cool. They try to draw kids in too. We went to the Kema boardwalk which is right on the bay/gulf. And last but certainly not least my sister and I went to get new tattoos. She's only had one other which is tiny so I was pretty proud that she went with a large script design of Kennedy's first and middle name. And she got it down her side starting at her ribs! Brave sista! I got a sugar skull gypsy that I've wanted for awhile now. I'm used to the pain, it's kind of like meditating for me. Weird I know but I just focus of other things and it really doesn't bother me. Sitting for hours sucks though. So now we are getting back to routine, just in time for Paul's best friend to come visit.... I'm not thrilled. I love the guy but I have to watch them both carefully together because they have a tendency to drink WAY too much which makes me uncomfortable.

I've been home cooking like a crazy woman lately. While we had guests I made my awesome Chicken Pot Pie (easiest, cheapest & tons of leftovers), I tried my hand at Pastitio which to my surprise turned out very good, Chicken Gyros with homemade cucumber sauce, Roast Beef, my mom's Sauce & Meatballs & Pesto Pizza. This week I've made Italian Beef which is amazing (even more amazing in Chicago with my bestest friend Emily) and Chicken Stir Fry. I've got a couple more recipes up my sleeve in the following weeks including Corn beef & Cabbage for St. Patty's day! I feel like I'm teasing you with all this food so I'll post a couple recipes and a picture set of my stir fry process. Enjoy!

Minced Garlic, Minced Ginger, Onion, Green Onion

Chicken Breasts (3-4)

Sauce Ingredients. 1 tb Brown Sugar, 1 tsp Corn Starch, 1 tsp Chili Garlic Sauce,

1 tb Hoisin Sauce, 2 tb Soy Sauce & 1 tsp Rice Vinegar.

Whisk Together!

Cook garlic, onion and ginger in a tb of canola oil. Cook chicken slices through. Clean snow peas and add those to the mix. Soak large rice noodles 30 minutes prior to cooking in warm water. Add to the mix and then cover and coat with the sauce. You sometimes need to batches of sauce to cover it all! Top with green onions.

Chicken Pot Pie recipe

1 cup potato diced

1 cup carrots diced

1 cup celery diced

1 cup onion diced

4 cups cooked chicken breast

2 cups chicken broth

1 cup half & half

1/2 cup flour

Salt & Pepper

1/3 cup melted margarine

2 packages of rolled premade pie

crusts (2 come in each package)

Set oven to 400 degrees

Cook all your veggies in the margarine over medium heat for 10-15 minutes. Add flour to the mix and coat the veggies. Cook one minute stirring well. Combine broth and half and half in a bowl. Slowly add to the veggies. Cook until thick and bubbly stirring constantly. Add salt and pepper to your liking. Add the chicken and stir well. Take your premade crusts and line of the bottom or two pie pans. Add mixture to each dish. Cover with the other two crusts. Cut slits on the top to let steam escape. I suggest putting them on sheet pans cause they can overflow a little. Cook for 45-50 minutes or until golden brown! SOOO good reheated the next day. Mmmm! You'll have leftovers for days!

P.S. Oh and no I'm no pregnant for anyone who is wondering since reading my last post. Another bust month. Now I've been eating well & working out and have lost around 6lbs. 2-3 more months to go until we try again with the Femara. We are not preventing as of now which I'm sure will produce a baby at the most awkward timing but I wouldn't complain.

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