Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ugh... Ouch... Crap.

This sums up the beginning of September for me. I know it's only been one day but seriously it's already off to a horrible start. I had to cancel my mom's only trip to Las Vegas in October. It sucks, but definitely after doing our bills today I really needed to do it. Paul's stupid company is supposed to pay for a portion of our bills and housing. It's the only way we could afford a nicer apartment and all our bills on his income. It's supposed to come at the end of the month and it's supposed to be direct deposited. Well it has never once been direct deposited and it's ALWAYS late. Right now if all of the first half of the month bills went through we would overdraw our account. Hello people we need that money! His company is pissing me off left and right lately. The program he is in has us moving at least two more times. The next stop is Texas. We're ready to move BUT.... the move itself is going to cost around $2000. The company will pay for our plane tickets (minus Jordyn), to ship one car (we're selling the other) and give us $500.... $500!! WTF is that? So we have to come up with $1500 out of pocket? Come on! You're asking us to move across the country and you will give us $500. That's such bullshit. Paul was given a document for regular employees and how much is covered when they move. It states that an employee asked to move has everything paid for in full and if you have to sell your house the company will buy it and sell it for you and give you a 5% cut! WTF! Why can't some of that money go to the poor, straight out of college employees? We aren't rolling in dough people! He is talking with the head of HR about the whole thing. I'm hoping they will change their mind and give us more to move with otherwise we are kinda screwed. There goes all the credit we have paid off. UGH!

On a better note. My beauty is turning two is a little over a month. She is talking non-stop. She repeats everything, knows A-Z and 1-10. I'm so proud and shocked cause it came out of nowhere. She is getting so good at communicating which is making her act out less and less. We are going back to Michigan for her birthday party! I'm so excited! 26 more days! Here are some recent pictures of her!

She got her first real haircut! She did really well and I did better then I thought I would. For some reason I came into the experience thinking it was going to go badly and I was going to yell at a poor, underpaid child hairdresser but that didn't happen. I can't believe how big she is getting. Time really does fly!

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Adi said...

Marcus turns two tomorrow! :cry:

They get big so fast it's ridiculous. And the military did the same thing with us when Sabe got mobilized. we completely maxed out our credit cards to go all the way across country. sucks! I hope you can get more money out of the company... but 500 is 500 more than the military gave us to move!