Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bonjour my Sweet!

Well I'm sorry I've neglected you once again. I promise to be better. We've been some very busy bees lately. My dearest friend Emily came to visit last Thursday (7/23/09 if anyone is keeping track) with little Eleanor. She's my JM best bud turned real life best bud. And Jordyn & Eleanor and forced best friends in return. But they love each other none the less. We had a lot of fun. Non-stop fun actually which made for some tired mamas. We took the girls to a county fair, to the beach, to the Mall of America and out to dinner. They did great most of the time. Sunday morning they left to go back to Chi-town and a couple hours later Paul's parents arrived from Michigan. They stayed till this Thursday (7/30/09). Non-stop activity there as well. We went back to the beach, to downtown Minneapolis, the sculpture garden, on nature trails & back to the Mall of America. By the end of the week I felt like a hibernating bear ready to sleep a thousand winters. I'm finally getting back to reality before the bustle of August slaps me in the face. We're looking at one adventure to Iowa for a JM meet up and four visitors. That's a lot of bustle baby! Bring it on I say because it makes time here fly by. I haven't decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing yet. We will be moving to Texas at the end of October. Pro- we get to rent a house for a full year! No stupid apartments. Con- we have to live in Texas for a whole year. Heat + Us = Miserable. Oh well you do what you gotta. I'll probably be one lonely chicky while living there. Not many people have the money to fly to Texas. Boooo :(

On another note Jordyn is talking like a maniac. I knew it would happen one day just didn't think about it happening overnight. She repeats almost everything you say. She knows and recognizes emotions now. The other day I took her to the doctor and she kept saying "Mama I'm sad" and she didn't even get one shot. Nerd bird. Here's a little picture of my big girl!


Nicole Montgomery said...

Wow. In the short time since you last posted a photo she went from looking like a baby girl to looking like a little lady <3

Adi said...

big girl is right! they grow up so freaking fast :(

ps. give me ur email if you want to keep reading my blog. i've got a stalker so i made it private

Natalie said...

Her hair is so long! Beautiful!

Dixie Clark said...

Grrrl if you think my ass won't be flying to Texas, you're dead wrong! I'll just have to stay longer to make it worth my while is all. Luh you boo.