Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a long time


It's me! I've been gone. Sorry. Not like anyone reads this besides Adi, which I appreciate cause she's the bomb. We were in Michigan on "vacation" for 5 days. Good drive there besides Paul swerving all over the road. What is with men not being able to accept that they can be crappy drivers too? I'm actually a much better driver then Paul and I'm not just saying that because I want to be right. I have the proof since I've never EVER been in an accident or gotten a ticket. Not that doing either makes you a bad driver but Paul has had numerous tickets and been in a couple accidents, one being major. He was swerving a lot and it was dark and slick from a light rain so I made him pull over to switch. I hate driving in the dark and I hate the stretch between Chicago and Detroit. After you are out of the city it's a pitch black, two lane disaster road.

Anyway we made it safe and sound. We were super busy seeing family and friends. It was a very fun time. Surprisingly we were happy to get back to MN. I really like it here but too bad we most likely won't end up here. Going back to Michigan makes me really appreciate having this opportunity for our family though. Paul gets to expand his job horizon by working in a bunch of different areas of chemical engineering and we get to move around testing out the waters in different states. Being in Michigan makes you depressed. I love that state but man has it gone to hell. It's not surprising since it's the most unemployed state right now. I hope things get better there.

Our next assignment will definitely be in Texas. Which is good cause I would love some Texas winter for sure! We have also decided it's time to start trying for another baby. We're both ready although I would love to shed more pounds but right now is the time since I would prefer to have the baby before we move again. It would suck to have three doctors. I'm coming to the conclusion that I won't be having a VBAC unless I can find an awesome, understanding Dr. in Texas. Hmmm maybe.

Ok goodbye for now.


Natalie said...

Hey! I read it too, lol! I'll try to comment more. I'm excited for you to try for #2! Yeah!

Adi said...

HAHA, Jamesen made you baby hungry huh?? ;) Hooray for ttc#2!! That's so exciting :)

gorillabuns said...

Being that I'm originally from Texas, I'm all about it!