Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm not Odd am I?

I got a crackberry, yes you read that right a crackberry. I know why they nicknamed it that. It's so addicting that both Paul and I found ourselves sitting on the couch, browsing the Internet while a newly rejuvenated computer sat 5 feet away begging to be used. Oh I will use you baby I will, for here is where my Photo Shop lives and even though I haven't used it in awhile I need it to be here or I feel empty. Is it sad I spent a whole day's worth of time looking for a cracked version of Photo Shop or Elements? I found one thank goodness! I lost my version and for some reason when I sign up for a trial it says I only have mere hours to use that wonderful program. Thanks Adobe you whores!

My mom, sister & baby Kennedy are going to be here in T minus 36 hours! I'm so excited! I've planned out a menu cause I'm insane and I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow... ALONE! No pushing Jordyn around while she yells for strawberries the whole time. She doesn't say strawberry but when she sees them she says "NUM" over and over. I'm wondering what we should do this week. The projected weather says Saturday & Sunday are our only nice days this week. Damn you! We are obviously going to head over to the MOA for a day even though the lights, colors and sounds might overwhelm me. Oh yeah and the massive amount of PEOPLE. I gotta keep my eyes on the prize which is buying clothes for Jordyn (& maybe something for mama too). I am also thinking about going to the Minnesota Zoo. Expensive but promising. Alright I'm off to clean. Until next time here is a picture of my little mini making a fish face.

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Adi said...

That is so funny that she made that face. How cute is she?!