Monday, May 25, 2009

I NEED your help!

Since we moved people want to come visit a lot! I love it! I'm so excited for my calendar to fill up with guests and fun times but I'm having a dilemma.... What do I make for lunch? I have tons of ideas for dinners and especially for my family I have traditional meals that makes our hearts warm but I have no ideas for lunch. I don't want to feel the need to go out and get lunch every day which wouldn't be a problem if we were still in Ann Arbor but in Chaska there is a Dairy Queen, Qdoba and Culver's. That's about it. Give me ideas please! I'll have sandwich fix ins and such but I want to make good things for lunch too! Maybe some soups? Fancy-er Sandwiches? Give me any ideas you have. Thanks!


Ted Nugent said...

My jerk chicken wraps were the shit if you like cream cheese-

Wheat tortilla or wheat "wrap"
Cream cheese
shredded chicken (leftovers, etc)
jerk chicken marinade
spring mix greens
mango chutney/salsa (optional)

mix the marinade and chicken together, spread cream cheese on the wrap, greens next, then jerk chicken. Pretty simple but it's one of Chris's favorites.

Christan Lane said...

Chicken salad on Croissants
Ham/guacamole on Croissants
French bread/cream cheese/grilled zucchini/cilantro sandiches
flatbread pizzas
rotisserie chicken on pita bread
spring roll wraps
portabello mushroom burgers(use mushroom instead of meat)

VanessaKim said...

mmmm culver's. I wish we had one here...

I've rediscovered a love for egg salad sandwiches.
indian tacos
never underestimate the glory of pancakes & bacon for lunch.
I know those aren't sandwich ideas but you already got a bunch of those. :)

Kara said...

Thanks Ladies! I'm definitely trying that recipe Emily! I never thought of breakfast for lunch! Yummy!