Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moving update

Ok I finally have time to update this thing. Jordyn is transfixed with Yo Gabba Gabba at the moment. We went house hunting last weekend. It was a complete bust. Wonderful! No one in Minnesota wants to rent a house to someone who will be moving out in the winter months because they can't find anyone else to rent it during that time. UGH! Well I can't do anything about that. We are there for 6 months exactly and that's it. It's just annoying. I really didn't want to be in another apartment because it makes me feel trapped. But we have to settle for a 3 bedroom apt. in Chaska. It's really nice and brand new. And it has my washer & dryer (my only requirement). I can't believe we have to move again in 6 months though! Yikes that's a lot of stress. Especially since I do all the packing myself.

Jordyn did really well while we were gone. She didn't nap at all during the weekend so the past two days she has really been catching up on her sleep. I was so nervous she would be crazy the entire time we were gone but she was well behaved and had a lot of fun. I think it also made her realize how much she loves her bed cause we haven't had any more sleeping issues since we got home.

In other news. I got the outline for my quarter sleeve yesterday. He did it so fast and I barely hurt. After awhile you are just used to the feeling. I go back for color in 2 weeks. Can't wait!!! Here's a picture.

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Adi said...

You know, I was feeling stressed about my move since we'll be there for exactly a year and moving a year later is hectic. I can't imagine 6 months! Almost feels like what's the point right?

And M won't sleep anywhere but his bed too. Our babies are totally connected! :P