Sunday, March 15, 2009

Starting Fresh

Tomorrow I'm starting over. Tomorrow I'm starting back on my diet. I've fallen off the wagon hard but thankfully I haven't gained much weight back. I need to lose around 25lbs before July if we want to try to conceive again. Tomorrow I am starting my water only kick. I love Coke Zero so much but I know it's holding me back. Along with getting rid of my Coke Zero I am not drinking beer or liquor anymore for a long while. I had my last whiskey this weekend so I'm fine with it. I might have some wine here and there but probably not. Tomorrow also starts our week of no t.v. I'm so sick of it being on constantly. Jordyn never paid attention to it before but now she always watches it. I think it's also hindering her communication skills. She will be allowed to watch Sesame Street in the morning and that's it. We will listen to music and dance and play. It's funny cause when you turn off the t.v. now she points and says "Uh Oh t.v." I am also going to try to change my behaviors towards her. Today she was a big handful and even Paul yelled at her which he never does. We both agreed we need to stop and think about how we handle her instead of reacting. It's really hard to do it but I know if I think about it a lot I will do it. We need to stop making a mountain out of a mole hill. Tomorrow I also need to start my packing and organizing. I have the tools I just don't know where to start so I just stare at what needs to be done instead of doing it. That's my a lot of things to start on a Monday but I can do it!

Here is the picture of the Wave Field that I was describing in my last post. There is more pictures on my Flickr page if you want to check it out. I wish we could have gotten outside today but we were all so very lazy. Tomorrow is a new day though!

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Adi said...

I know what you mean about the tv thing.. M watches a lot of TV and I need to get better about playing with him more. Don't feel bad, you're not the only one! Sesame street is awesome tho, that's what we watch!