Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleep Progression

Last night I couldn't fall asleep so I started thinking about sleep. Paul actually fell asleep holding me which is very rare even though I wish it wasn't. He's a selfish sleeper which I can be at times too. I was thinking of how we got here. Not necessarily our relationship but how over time our sleep patterns have changed along with location. I think the first time we shared a bed was at my mom's house and it was my tiny twin. Not too comfortable. Then came the dorm beds. Two people should never sleep that high off the ground. This proved true when my roommate's boyfriend fell from her loft and landed on our t.v. smashing it. From then on we slept on the futon which was so beautifully nicknamed the "flip & fuck" by every person at State. Ask anyone to this day and I bet it's called the same thing and forever will be. Then came the king size bed we own now. When I was pregnant I hogged it and we went to bed at 9pm most nights. Nerds. Now our sides have indents and the middle has a hump because no one sleeps there. So this is what I thought of till I finally fell asleep. The spooning didn't last. It never does. Sometimes I miss the old tiny beds because we were forced to spoon or fall off.

This picture gives me the baby fever like whoa. Oh the tiny-ness! I am so excited for next week. Our tax return should be here on the 17th. I can then book a consultation for my sleeve and get an idea of what I want. So excited!


Adi said...

awwwwwwwww I love daddy sleeping with baby pics. That is so cute! Sleeve as in tattoos?

Kara said...

Me too I love sleeping daddy & baby and I have so many of them. Yep I'm getting a quarter sleeve once our tax return money comes. I'm so excited!