Thursday, March 12, 2009


Paul got a call yesterday from the company he is starting work for in 2 months. They said his first rotation isn't going to be in Houston it's going to be in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Whhhhhaatt? That's a big change. I was just getting used to the idea of living in Texas and now I have to get used to the idea of living in Minnesota. Madness. So now I'm scrabbling to find town homes to look at in a couple weeks when we go on a house hunting trip. I'm hoping for March 28th or the first weekend in April. Moving has me stressed out again. I cleaned out Jordyn's closet and organized all her clothes. She has a huge Rubbermaid full, a medium Rubbermaid full and an under the bed box full. Oh yeah and three dresser drawers and her closet still full. Seriously? It's from preemie size to 2t but that's a lot of clothes. I even have two large garbage bags full of clothes to go to the children's resale store and to salvation army. I feel like I should do it over and reorganize it. That's typical me. I constantly take everything I do and re-do it. I know I shouldn't but I know there is more I can give away. I also have stuff to sell like her glider, our bookcase and probably our computer desk. Too much to do not enough time. 2 months isn't enough time for someone that is OCD about organization.


Adi said...

I'm doing the same thing you are except instead of giving the clothes away, reorganizing everything to what will work for Jamesen and what won't and sending all the "what wont" to Brittanie for Patrick. moving sucks huh? :(

Kara said...

I can't believe I have this much stuff for just her!!! But I have a feeling we will be having another girl in the future so I'm keeping it. So much crap... LOL!