Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Apologies & Fuck Yous

I'm sorry I'm not out at the bar like everyone else my age, sleeping with random strangers and puking up my dignity the next morning.

I'm sorry my life isn't interesting to anyone, not even me.

I'm sorry my life didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but I wouldn't change it.

I'm sorry I didn't fuck everything up for you.

I'm sorry having a child has such a bad stigma for people my age even though I'm a better mother then most people twice my age.

I'm sorry that keeping in touch with me is so hard yet sometimes not hard at all. Pick up the phone, jump on yahoo, myspace, facebook and there I am.

I'm sorry I have no friends besides my Internet moms.

I'm sorry if the above statement sounds lame to you.

I'm sorry that I try and I get nothing in return.

I'm sorry that my husband and I actually get along.

I'm sorry that nothing I do is good enough whether it's physical, mental or emotional.

I'm sorry I'm not the person you want me to be.


Eleanor said...

I could've written a lot of that :( We're IRL friends! We just live kinda far away is all! Lub you.

Adi said...

i love you kara! Nobody knows like another mom with a toddler!

Kara said...

Emily we're online friends turned IRL friends which is the best kind! We should have shirts made that say the best friends are online friends first! Hahaha

Adi I love ya too! When I read it again it is like a shout out for all those moms out there!

Nicole Montgomery said...

Damn Straight.