Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm a Nerd

I made a siggy last night that I am so very proud of. Nerdy I know, but lately I've felt extremely uncreative so making something that I was proud of made me pretty happy. And I finished it while I was a little tipsy (more then a little). Here it is.
She kicks the ball in the real version but I don't know if blogspot supports GIF animation. Anyway I hope I can start making better stuff now. I just finished the invitation to our going away party as well. Here it is.

I can't believe people pay for the junk on snapfish. So plain and so expensive. If you ever need invites or anything I'll make it for free. Now I just need to order them and send them out.

Jordyn has started talking so much this past weekend. It's like we turned on a switch. I think her and Marcus have a secret telepathic thing going on with their talking LOL! Today she has already said watch Elmo, Dancing, What's that and Brush teeth! I'm so proud. She talks to herself constantly too. Her cute little voice having a conversation with her Elmo doll is enough to melt this mama's heart. So adorable!

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Adi said...

Pshhh if they had a telepathic connection M would be talking more. He still only says mama, daddy, kitty and doggy lol. I love that invite!