Friday, March 20, 2009

Love in an Elevator!

Tax money came!! Woot Woot! Do a dance! And now that our move is half the price we can actually enjoy some it. We're gonna pay off some more credit which is good. We really don't have that much but it will be really nice to pay off a big portion of it and maybe only have $700 left on my good credit card. I feel really lame cause I'm so excited to pay bills. But after years of thinking "SHIT I'm never going to be able to pay this off" it's nice to not have it hanging over my head. And that means when it's time to get a house in a couple years our credit will be amazing! I treated myself this morning to a little Etsy purchase, well two.

This little teapot was only $19. It's so cute and the perfect color because one day I dream of having a kitchen done in black, white, green and pops of yellow. Vintage kitchen! It is also the same color as the KitchenAid stand mixer I want but I can't afford that for awhile. I also bought this little guy.
I love owls! I can just never find ones I actually like. I want to start collecting them. This little guy can hold flowers or pencils. I don't think I will put anything in him though. I love him just as he is. That's the color yellow I want in my kitchen too. Very vintage colors. I'm so excited. I'm also scared that someone might steal the package though. I never ever get anything sent to our apartment for fear of someone stealing it but I'm taking a chance and if some idiot steals my package I'm sure they are going to be very disappointed because I don't know too many people who have the same weird taste as I do.

Today I'm listening to Postal Service. I miss them. I know it's mainly just Death Cab but it's different to me. Alright I'm off to clean while the little sleeps! Guten Tag!

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