Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fast Forward

Can we please fast forward to May 13th? I don't want to live here anymore. Two apartments a block away from ours got broken into. They apparently did it at 3am on spring break and took EVERYTHING. How do you get away with that? Each one of our buildings is made up of 12 apartments and 3 floors. I guess they went to the 2nd floor and broke into two apartments across from each other. They had to have known the people were gone on vacation, but still. This scares me. Paul told me all this news right before bed too. I had 3 nightmares. I wish we were moving tomorrow instead of 55 days.

Jordyn is driving me up a wall today. She woke up screaming last night. I just brought her into our bed. She kicked me so many times so needless to say I didn't really sleep. Then she decided she was ready to get up at 6am. So back to her crib she went where she went back to sleep for an hour and a half. I'm sleepy and cranky. She is being a good girl today just very demanding and aggressive lately. She hands you something and yells at you in her jibberish. Then if you don't do what she wants she yells and stomps her feet or cries. Yikes! I feel bad because she is trying so hard to communicate but it's not working and we don't understand what she wants.

She looks so grown up in this picture! Where did my baby go? She turned 17 months yesterday.


Adi said...

She's such a cutie pie, lol! Marcus does the whole yelling at you and getting mad when you don't understand thing too, lol. Gotta love toddlers! And scary about the break ins!! stay safe!

Kara said...

Yeah I'm trying not to think about it. It irks me though that someone could get past a deadbolt and a chainlock without anyone noticing!

Eleanor said...

Happy 17 month Birthday Jordyn! Tell your mommy to holla at me.

Kara said...

For some reason this stupid phone has no signal in my apartment. And it only keeps a charge for a couple hours! BAH! I miss my rumor :( I'll have to call you from my porch tomorrow mornin'.