Friday, February 6, 2009

Evil "Stepmom"

So a little background on my father. He was never a real father. He was not abusive or anything just never ever there for us. We kindly call him basement dad because he spent all his time after work in the basement even eating all his meals down there while the rest of us ate at the dinner table together and talked about our day. I don't remember being hugged by him unless my mom made him. Majority of the time we hugged him and he stood there motionless with his arms locked to his sides. He provided for our family but so did my mom. He never hit us or yelled at us and yes I could have had it much worse but I never really had a father. We have also kindly regarded to him as our much older brother because that's how he acted throughout our lives. I don't hate him. Not in the least. I hate the things he has done and the choices he has made but him as a person I love. I always will.

When I was 13 my dad was caught cheating on my mom. It had happened before in the past and she had let it slide since if she told him to leave it would have meant my mom and her three very young children would be living with my grandparents. We knew he had been talking to women for a long time but never knew he had a girlfriend on the side. My mom kicked him out which he didn't want and so began the divorce. I was fine with it because like I said before he was never a dad and my mom was really all I ever needed (and my maternal grandparents). My dad married his girlfriend and they have been together ever since. It's very hard to get along with a woman who
A. cheated with your dad on your mom.
B. is about 12 years younger than him.
C. and treats you like the plague.

Anyway we've had our problems from the beginning. I don't like her and I don't have to. My father and I have a very estranged relationship. He has a new family and I'm fine with that but I still like to see him every once in awhile.

Now let's get back to my original point of this whole thing. On Facebook this stupid survey has been going around where you post 25 things about yourself and then tag 25 people. My sister Jen made a post and tagged a bunch of people including my dad & becky. I joked around and left her a comment saying "Oh I guess I'm not as cool as dad" which is a joke and anyone would know that. My "stepmom" made a comment about how rude and immature we are for talking shit about him. OK whatever idiot. And I made a comment back about how it was a joke and to mind her own business. This is the letter I got back.

That's funny....hahahah...wtfe. I didn't know that there was any rules or ages of who could participate on Facebook. If you look....there are many others our age on this site too. You are a selfish person and when you become the perfect parent that never makes any mistakes be sure to let us know. In the meantime....quit posting shit about your Dad that hurts him...he doesn't deserve it. If you feel he shouldn't be reading the stuff that you write....don't have him as a friend/relative on your page and stop typing shit that everyone....including him can see. It's one thing to feel the way that you do...whatever that is and whatever the reasons...but to post this negative stuff is childish and not fair to your dad. He deserves better and doesn't deserve to be humiliated by you.

Are you fucking kidding me? It takes every ounce of energy I have not to go nuts on this bitch. I'm selfish?? Really? I would bend over backwards for my family. Ya know what I call selfish? When your family divorces and your father leaves, rarely calls, only sees you on Christmas and his family never talks to you again or fake small talk. That's fucking selfish.

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