Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rules of Life

Occasionally I come up with weird rules I will never break for Jordyn or any of my future children. I usually can remember them but I'm gonna write this one down because it's major.

Rule #1
Never.... EVER will I buy or allow my children to listen to Kid's Bop. NEVER!

I'm sorry if you are a mom and you think it's cool for kids to listen to the music we adults listen to but for me Kid's Bop is the most annoying set of music ever. I know they change the lyrics to kid friendly, but it's still annoying. Some things should just not be sung by kids. I'm sorry but every time I see that commercial (which is probably about 10 times a day) I notice the little girls singing "When I grow up" by the Pussycat Dolls and it makes me want to puke. The real lyrics are when I grow up I wanna see the world, drive nice cars, I wanna have boobies. My goal in life is not to teach Jordyn that you should be a slut to get attention and the things you want. Sorry I'm going off on a tangent but it just bugs me. Not just the message but the fact that little kids are singing these songs all happy and excited when they are about sex, drugs, fake tits and being a slut. Anyway that's my first rule. I know it may seem silly but so be it.

Also I should add a side note to this rule.
-Never will I buy or play Christmas music sung by cats and dogs! Hahaha

My best friend in Elementary school's mom bought a Christmas CD once and she was so excited because she got it for like 3 bucks. Well she pops it in and it's traditional Christmas music sung by cats and dogs. Oh we had a good laugh.

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