Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waiting Waiting

Waiting for baby Kennedy! This little one sure is stubborn. My sister is 39 weeks today and is 3cm dialated. We have been walking like crazy. I took her to the mall on Tuesday and we did two full laps including all the wings of the mall. Yesterday we went to Ikea and did the whole store display area and then went down stairs and did all of the Marketplace too. Geesh! I want her to come out oh so badly. Probably not as badly as my sister but come on! This weekend would be a great time for her to come out since I would have Paul to watch Jordyn all weekend. I get to be in the room with her and I am so excited. I've never got to experience labor because I had a c-section and I wasn't able to be in the room for Jen's kids so this is a first for me! My camera is fricken broken and at Geek Squad so I won't have it for the birth. Ugh! Disappointing. If everyone who reads this could give her some quick dialation vibes that would be great! LOL! And here is a recent picture of Jordyn from my sister's camera.

My little sweet. She is getting so big so fast :( I miss her tiny-ness!

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Adi said...

Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean about missing tiny-ness! I guess it's a good thing I'm having another one, huh?