Monday, January 5, 2009

Moving News

So Paul got offered a job today. It's in Houston, TX and we will be moving to at least three different places within the first two years. Yikes! I'm very happy for him and us for being able to find such a high paying job straight out of college and in this economy but being so far from home freaks me out. I've only ever lived in Michigan. I feel bad for Paul's parents too cause Jordyn is their only grandchild and they are gonna be really sad not seeing her as often as they do now. We won't be moving till spring or summer so I have time to visit and love everyone before we go. Yikes again!

My sister Lyndsey is about to pop! I'm waiting and waiting for a phone call. I can't wait to hold a newborn in my arms again. I miss little babies so much. I love how independent and vocal Jordyn is but I want a baby so badly. We were going to start TTC this month but it's on hold cause we are having the formal wedding in Oct or Nov. No one wants to see a whale in a wedding gown.

That's it for now. More to come...

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