Monday, December 15, 2008

Wedding B.S.

Well we are legally getting married this Sunday. I called like 40 people today looking for someone to perform a quick, non dressy wedding ceremony just for the purpose of their signature. Like I told my mom this isn't a page out of the scrapbook it's a ceremony so we can legally file for taxes this year. That sounds like such a shitty non-lovey dovey reason for getting married but my dad finds an evil way to claim me each year even though it's illegal and I'm sick of not getting the money I am entitled too. Last year we just said whatever and didn't bother but this year no way! Sorry! So yep we are having a tiny little thing this Sunday with my mom and Paul's mom. No pictures allowed. I'm excited about our money situation this coming spring. As of January we get a kickback from school for Paul's LAST semester and then our taxes in April. Woo money finally. Now we can pay off debt, buy me a ring and save for our real wedding in September. I hate money so much but who doesn't. It's sad we have to spend most of our financial kickback on debt but that's how it is when you are broke youngsters living on your own with a baby. And we will know where we will be living in March so that will be nice.

10 days till x-mas! I'm getting excited because it is something to look forward too but after it's over I'm gonna be mighty depressed! No holidays till April, snow till forever, gray/black skies all day and night and to put the black cherry on top... Paul at work for 40 hours a week and school for 14 hours a week! It's gonna be like last year which was a horrible time for me. The only thing I really have to look forward to is my sister's baby coming in January and helping her a lot, probably sleeping there 1-2 nights a week. I really hope we don't have to move before my other sister has my nephew! Thank goodness for scheduled c-sections! She's supposed to have the baby on my BIRTHDAY! YAY!

Ok I'm tired. Need to finish my workout.

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Adi said...

Ahhh the money issues. I love money issues. They make me feel so warm and fuzzy! My dad claimed me on his taxes one year when I hadn't even lived there for half the year. I was pissed. And right before we were married my MIL claimed Sabe. we were livid!!! so I know how you feel and it will be SO NICE to have Jordyn on your taxes. We got 5K last year! most of it went to debt and all of ours this year is going to debt too so don't feel bad. If you pay off debt you save in the long run :)