Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tis the Season

For crappy weather, stupid shoppers and stress. Well at least in my case. I hate the weather here like whoa. If we end up moving to Texas I will definitely hate the heat but I won't miss days like today. Rain + Snow = Slush. Although the weather sucks I made my way over to Trader Joe's cause I love it and I can get so much stuff for so little. My shopping list wasn't long but I got enough to last us for 1-2 weeks. We are tight on money this paycheck cause it went to rent. So anyway I love Trader Joe's but I hate the people there in the afternoon. Old, stupid people who mosey around glancing at everything and walking incredibly slowly and stopping in the middle of the isle. I think slow walkers/stopping in the isle are two of my biggest pet peeves. Whenever I grocery shop I like to get in and out unless I'm alone. Jordyn's attention span is only so long and if it runs out I'm screwed cause I look like the young teenage mom with a screaming baby that I obviously abuse cause she is screaming for a reason right? She screaming cause you can't pull your old ass away from the hummus so I can grab some and go! Sorry rant over. Stress of course is the biggest factor in the holiday season. So many gifts so little money. We have to go to three different places just like last year but this time Jordyn isn't a 2 month old sleeping beauty, she is a demon one year old who doesn't want everyone to hold her, she wants to slap you in the face then go break things or get into shit just like at home. Then people are offended if she doesn't like you. I'm sorry she's one what the hell am I supposed to do about? Ok I'm ranting again. I sound like a biatch but that's the hard truth of the holidays.

On a happier note I tried on a dress I bought for Jordyn back in June for her birthday that was 18 months from Once Upon A Child that was only $3!!! And it fits and is so cute! I thought she wouldn't get to wear it. It's not even meant to be an x-mas dress but I couldn't see her wearing it any other time. Heres a picture of her in it!

I don't know if I want a black onesie underneath or white. My friend Emily came to visit with her daughter Eleanor. I met them through Justmommies.com and I loves them oh so much! Here are a few pictures from that.

Oh and job news... Paul got a call from the lady in Texas offering him a job. But the only thing is that the company went on a hiring freeze till March so techniquely they can't offer him anything till then but if that is lifted he is their first choice. To me it's sounds like the job is in the bag we just have to wait till March but he thinks otherwise. He only has one more interview left and after that we wait for the last two companies to call us back. We'll see! Ok I'm done now.


Chelsea said...

that dress is super cute! i need to meet more mommies.

Kara said...

you should check out justmommies.com it's a forum for moms with a bunch of different groups. It's nice to talk to people going through the same stuff as you on a daily basis.

Adi said...

Awwwww she looks so cute in that dress! I lvoe her. And I know exactly what you mean about everyone trying to touch a one year old who doesn't want it. Sorry you've had a rough time :(