Thursday, December 4, 2008


I hate not knowing where we will be in the next year. Paul has had 3 interviews and has 2 more to go to in the next couple weeks. Two companies have turned him down and the rest we are waiting on. Two are in Texas and the other is in Chicago. I don't mind moving where ever we need to because the way the economy is right now we have to take what we can get. Michigan is definitely not hiring. Haha! I just wish we knew what was going to happen so I could prepare myself for it both mentally and emotionally. I guess I just have to wait... Tick tock.


Chelsea said...

what kind of job is he interviewing for? im so envious that you get to stay home. we should get together, before you move! playdate!!! we're free today, actually, but then i work the rest of the week.

Kara said...

He is looking for a chemical engineering job. I wish I could get a part time job and have some adult contact. Babytalk is only so entertaining haha. I'm free any day expect Monday's usually. I'll send you my number on Myspace.