Monday, May 17, 2010


Good news, future news. We will most likely be moving to Delaware in November for Paul's last rotation. It's not set in stone just yet but Human Resources doesn't see a problem with it. And even BIGGER news.... our permanent address might be in Albany, New York in 2011! They are building a new electronics plant in the area and it will be employing a lot of people and a lot of engineers. We are crossing our fingers it works out cause I would love to live there and Paul would love his job since it would be more industrial! It's very exciting but I can't get my hopes up in case something changes. All I care about anyway is getting out of this hell hole. Speaking of hell it's 90 degrees outside. Some of you might be jealous.... don't be. It's MAY! When I talk to my family in Michigan they just talk about how it's warming up past 50 degrees. I'm jealous! I keep thinking it's June or July but nope it's going to get hotter! Someone help me!

My mom comes to visit this Thursday through Tuesday! I'm very excited to have someone to hang out with and break up the monotonous hours that pass me daily. I am taking her to a 3-D ultrasound place so she can see the baby, that is if my doctor doesn't do an ultrasound at my appointment that same day. I can't wait to find out what I am having. I am still thinking it is a boy but I would be happy with another girl as well. I just wish it would go by a little faster. It's not that I'm not enjoying my pregnancy because I am, but the faster the time goes the sooner I can get out of here. I want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible because it might be my last, who knows, but I'm always worried about my health and if I'm doing too much, too little, am I stressing out the baby, etc. I guess I just have to hope for the best!

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Adi said...

glad you've got something to look forward to! being alone with nowhere to go sucks big time! BTDT and I sure do feel for yah :(