Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 Months Later

Wow it's been 4 months since my last entry. I've neglected the hell out of you, dear blog friend. I'm sorry I'll try hard not to do that again. A lot has happened since September, 14th. Nothing that spectacular, but so is life, at least my life. We now live in.... Pearland, TEXAS.... YEEE HAW! It's a nice neighborhood. The apartment is nice and has a much better flow then the last. Flow is very important to me. Now come along as I take you on verbal journey of our moving experience. Buckle up!

We headed out at the end of October. Picked up our U-Haul on Sunday the 25th because I refused to cut it any closer to Halloween. I refuse to miss out on Halloween even if it means dressing my poor 2 year old up in her costume and parading her around Walmart as I desperately search for a pumpkin, but that's a different story. We packed our U-Haul (very badly) and scrambled to find room for the other shit laying around the apartment. 75% of the shit got thrown down the garbage shoot, including a nice Pyrex dish that still had food it in but I had nothing to clean it out with, so down it went. So we're ready to head out. Did I mention we are also towing our CAR? Yeah... we are. So not only are we (in we I mean Paul) driving a huge U-Haul across the country but we are pulling a car behind it. Wanna know the best part of all? We all got to ride in the cab!!! Never, EVER again will I do that. So we climbed in, Paul driving, me in the bitch seat, and Jordyn in her kick ass car seat facing backwards with her little legs propped up. She was definitely the most comfortable on this 3 day venture. I wish I had a sweet lazy boy type car seat to ride around in. Oh what a life!

So upon driving this monster vehicle I realize it is actually terrifying to be driving something so long and heavy. It can't pick up fast so when you get on the freeway you are going 40mph while people are going hmmm 80mph? Thank goodness for anti-anxiety meds. The first day went by quickly. Drove through Minnesota & Iowa (BORING) and stopped in Missouri. Next morning headed out through Kansas (shanty town USA) and Oklahoma. Kansas is a scary state to drive through. There aren't gas stations for MILES and it's a mix between "children of corn" & "Texas chainsaw massacre". Let's just say they wouldn't find you if your car broke down out there and if they did, it would only be pieces of you, in jars full of yellow liquid, in a shanty somewhere. Oklahoma is not too shabby. It's funny whenever we stopped and went in to eat somewhere, people gave us the weirdest looks. How do they know we are different from them, besides the obvious full mouth of teeth we have. I guess I'll never know. Stopped for the night in Texoma (get it? Texas & Oklahoma) Next day woke up to severe thunderstorm warnings, fabulous. We had 6 hours to go and 4 of those were through heavy down pour. But we finally made it and got to stay the night at a nice hotel right across the street from our apartment because there was no way we could move in that day.

All in all it could have been worse but NEVER, EVER will I do that again. And we will be moving at least 2 more times so I know what to avoid. And from now on I will always hire movers. $150-200 is a small price to pay for your sanity and your back. We have now been adjusting to this Southern lifestyle for almost 3 months, seems like so much longer. We have 10 months to go before we move again. To where?? I really don't know yet. We're vagabonds.


Adi said...

i don't know where we're moving after here either... and we're moving again in a few months. Gotta love the traveling life! Missed your blogs momma. please don't leave me hanging!

gorillabuns said...

okay, so i might be one of the only people in Oklahoma with my teeth.....")

so where is pearland close to? Houston?

Kara said...

I missed you too Adi! I won't leave again and if I do kick my butt!

Oklahoma wasn't too shabby! Nice homes, no shanties(I don't know if there is a plural for shanty) Yep Pearland is the first nice suburb south of Houston aka bum town. I'm from Detroit so I'm used to the bums but Houston is the first city I've seen that has bum camps under the freeway. I don't know what made me bring up bums but yeah I live by Houston lol!