Friday, September 4, 2009

What I Like

Today is a better day even though Jordyn is driving me insane and being very mean to me. Oh well I guess I should ignore her evil, almost 2 year old behavior. I'm sure people would say she isn't trying to be mean to you, she's just a kid. Ummm I beg to differ. She knows the difference between being nice and being mean. She knows what hurts her mama's feelings and she is trying to push my buttons and push them she will. It's almost 5:30pm isn't it? The weekend starts in 4 hours. Not that I have anything at all to look forward to except Paul having Monday off thus making the week go by faster in general.
I've been productive this week. Paid bills, cleaned about 5 million times, scheduled a doctor's appointment for myself and made homemade dinners all week. I don't think I've stopped cleaning since Jordyn was born. I remember the days when I didn't have a child and would clean/organize for hours. When I was done I would sit down and relax and know that it would stay this way for days maybe even a full week! Now after cleaning so much harder then I used to and having 4x as much stuff to pick up, I sit down and realize I could blink and it will look exactly the same as when I started. The work of a mother (stay at home or working) never ends. EVER! I don't think I ever realized that until Jordyn was a little older. People always give you the standard advice when you are pregnant:

Get a lot of sleep now because you won't ever again
Enjoy your alone time & freedom
Relax as much as possible
Know that nothing will be the same from then on

I took it all to heart but I never could grasp the concept that your work is never done once you have children. I kept thinking "Yeah she's a kid. Whoppity doo. I've been around lots of kids. I'll sleep, I'll relax & I'll still be able to do what I want to a certain degree" HA! Silly me. Don't get me wrong I love my life now and I can't wait for another, it's just a hard concept to understand. Anyway on to the original reason for this post. Things I like!

I have lots of likes and even more dislikes. I picked four of my likes that first came to mind besides Jordyn & Paul. They might seem weird but that's me in a nutshell. What are some of your likes? Anything will do!

1. Shopping. Who doesn't like shopping really? Being a mother I sometimes loathe shopping. Having a 2 year old screaming in the cart for you to open a jar of pickles is not my idea of a good time and yes that has happened to me lots of times (stay away from the pickle isle). But I like shopping in general. I mostly like buying presents and things for Jordyn (clothes mostly).

2. The Amish. Yes I am obsessed with the Amish. Weird? Perhaps. I love their sense of community, support and hard work. If only I was born Amish, all would be right in the world.

3. The Little Mermaid. My favorite cartoon movie of my childhood. I love to watch it. In college whenever I was sad or *cough* hungover *cough* I would watch it. Brings back a flood of happy childhood emotions that only few things can, another being anything Jim Henson.

4. Art. All kinds! I love photography, paintings, collages and anything else artsy. I love weird and different art. Sculptures make of soup cans, paintings of nothing or so it seems. I really think when I go back to school it will be for something art related but something that could still get me a job.

So what do you like?


Dixie Clark said...

I like youuuuuuuuuu.

Seriously though, I cried the first time I saw Little Mermaid as a child.

Quit laughing.

Adi said...

Ok, holy weird... Marcus does taht pickle thing too. We have to stay away from the pickle aisle as well, lol!!