Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chaos in Chaska!

My desktop is under construction right now and giving me hell so I'm Paul's old laptop which would be a great computer if it wasn't packed with garbage! I miss my Photo shop so much! I've been itching to make some siggies but alas I can not till we get the Internet to fricken work. Anyway here is my interesting story for the evening.

Yesterday we returned home from a trip to Kohl's and Guitar Center to find our street completely blocked by firefighters and police. They were directing traffic into the Elementary school parking lot across the street from our neighborhood. They wouldn't tell us what was going on but it was a fire or a gas leak. So we sat for awhile and then were directed to go into the school. Annoying but ok. Then they tell us that a man has barricaded himself in his apartment and is threatening the police. They didn't know if he had a gun or hostage and they were taking extreme caution. WTF? We moved from a ghetto city where nothing much happened (at least not by us) to a wholesome little community and this shit happens? Weird! So we drove around for awhile trying to put Jordyn to bed since now it was around 9:30pm. Finally we were allowed back in without being told anything. After searching the news all day the story unfolds. The man had a fight with a woman and another man apparently. Someone broke a window so the cops were called and then the man refused to come out to talk to cops so he was considered a threat. He didn't have any weapons. I guess closing the street for 4 hours was a bit extreme but I'm glad they have the man in custody and he is in a lot of trouble. He was charged with second degree terrorist threat! Good luck dude!

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