Tuesday, February 24, 2009

She wore a Raspberry Beret

I hate apartment living. I don't know how people can do it their whole lives. I think I would go mad not having my own space. Today after getting out of the shower the pipes in my whole apartment complex went crazy. It sounded like a snake charmer calling out a snake but turn the volume up all the way it can go! I wanted to SCREAM. Not only did it last for about a half hour but it woke Jordyn up from her nap for a little bit (thankfully she can sleep through almost anything) I took a video of just the noise on my phone and sent it to Paul. I wish I could upload it here. I really almost went out in the hallway to yell but there is no one to yell at. It's the pipes. I can't wait to move.

I bought this awesome cookbook at TJ Max the other day. I saw it on our way out and grabbed it. It is normally $25 but I got it for $6.99! It's a cookbook for kids and how you can disguise veggies in almost anything! I think Ms. Chelsea would love this book! The recipes are simple too. Most of them just require you to finely chop the veggies or toss them in a food processor. I'm gonna try some this weekend for breakfast.

I just bought this from Etsy. It's beautiful and it was only $17.00. I need a necklace. I feel so naked without one but the one I usually wear was giving me a rash. I hope this one doesn't. I was also going to buy a jersey print scarf but then I realized I could buy jersey fabric for very cheap cut or buy a stencil I like and spray paint it. Much more cost effective. One of the ladies was selling jersey scarves she had bought from American Apparel and just had decals painted on them. Smart lady.I look pretty rough today. I feel pretty good though. This morning I swore my appendix was going to burst because my side was killing me and I am a total hypochondriac. So far it hasn't.

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