Thursday, January 22, 2009

I should be sleeping

But I am not. Well no baby yet. Gosh how many times have I written that between here, my facebook, my myspace and on Justmommies? No idea but too many! I feel bad for complaining because it's not my baby but I complain for my sister and I complain a little for me so I can feel better about the situation. Her induction is scheduled for Wednesday the 28th if she doesn't have her this week. We've been saying to ourselves it will happen, it will happen. I'm not saying a WORD! Anyway enough talk about that.

I've been making a good amount of siggies this past week. I haven't shown my siggies in so long and that's originally why I started a new blog. I think the one I just finished is in the my top 3 of all time. Liliana is such a little model. Her mom asked if I could do one and posted some pictures... well about 2 hours later she posted a couple new ones that I'm guessing she just took and they were so adorable! She has such a beautiful little face and look. She's so much cuter in person too :)
The kit I used is by Jen Lin Designs and it's on sale for 60% off! Go snag that bad boy at! This was my third siggy made for 3 year old birthdays! Here are the other two of beautiful Briana & Kennedy.
I got the idea for this siggy from Rachel who is an amazing siggy maker at Justmommies. Sometimes I like to do simple. And here is Kennedy.

Three beautiful little girls who are all turning 3!! Happy birthday little ones! I should probably hit the hay now. Maybe I'll go do some cardio before I go to sleep. But if I punch the T.V. because Jillian Michaels is evil I'm gonna be in some pain tomorrow. Goodnighty.


Lindsay said...

Quite the 3 year old theme. They are all adorable as usual. NO idea how you do so well on cutting hair out. You rock!

Adi said...

I've been seeing the 2nd one around and wondering who made it. Great job!

and i was just lurking in Jan DDC wondering if your sister has gone yet and saw that she was on, lol. I figured that meant that she hasn't, lol. poor thing.

Kara said...

Thanks Lindsay! Sometimes when I cut out hair I think it looks crazy but once it's set back in the siggy it looks fine. I usually zoom in really close hahaha.

Nope my sis hasn't yet! Ugh! She got her membranes stripped yesterday and she is going on a long walk today to see what will happen. I'm just waiting and waiting to get a call that her water popped but it never comes :( Pray that it happens today!!!