Friday, May 8, 2009

Today's my birthday!

I am the big 2-3! I feel like 23 is still so young. Mentally I feel a lot older then 23. Today probably won't be anything special. I'm tired because Jordyn wanted to sleep with us last night and after multiple kicks in the back and screaming out about 100 times I had to put her back in her crib at 4am. My apartment is a mess which is giving me anxiety because we are moving in 5 days. Me & mess don't mix well together especially unorganized mess. I'm messy don't get me wrong but only in the way where I can pick it up quickly but everything major is in it's place. Right now there is crap everything whether is be big, small, from the kitchen or from the bathroom, it's everywhere! I am really happy to be moving away from fake people in my life. I can break the thread that binds us by just not caring anymore. It's funny when you think you know someone but they are just as fake as the day is long. I love the rest of my friends though and I will miss them. Especially my married/preggo/baby having friends. It's true when people say you have a kid and everything changes. Not just in your life but in the lives of others and the way they treat you. I've never expected much from my childless friends. I know we are in different places in our lives. But it's the complete lack of effort and disregard that pisses me off. Just cause you have a child doesn't mean you should to thrown to the end of the Earth and not considered a friend anymore. I really shouldn't let it bother me cause it shows me who is a true friend and who isn't. I've had people tell me that when your friends grow up and go through what you have been through they will come back around and you know what I say to that... fuck you. I'm not gonna care about you when you didn't care about me. An eye for an eye.

Happy Birthday to me.

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