Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Argh Pretty as a Picture!

Jordyn and I traveled to Chicago last week to visit with our friends Emily & Eleanor. We had a good time minus the no naps and trouble sleeping. I wish we could of stayed longer but it was either leave late at night and have Jordyn sleep the whole way back or take a cranky kid back 4 hours the next day. We went to the zoo while we were there and Emily & I had more fun then the kids. They didn't seem to get as excited as we did. Pssht they don't know what they're missing.

I got an amazing deal on cloth diapers from my friend Michelle! She is selling all her BG's and she let me have them for $12 a piece instead of $17 since they are slightly used but they have no staining so I'm happy. She is also throwing in a wet bag, some liners and order spray. She's the best! So now my collection will be at 17. I think I'm going to buy a couple goodmama's and a blueberry or two. I've also heard great things about the Imse Visme brand.

The countdown is really on now! About 20 days left! I seriously can't wait. I know it's gonna be rough moving four times in 2 years but we can handle it. We decided to wait on the new car till we are stable in MN. Smart idea. Alright I'm done. See ya on the flip side.


Adi said...

I didn't know you were cloth diapering! Your stash is bigger than mine now. I've only got 15 ;)

Kara said...

We never did before cause we have to pay for laundry but where we are moving has a machine in the apartment so I wanted to stop using nasty diapers. And I think it might help Jordyn when it comes to potty training. There is a store by me with so many kinds. You should check out their website. www.treecitydiapers.com I'm excited to start!