Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Teeth are EVIL

Jordyn is teething so badly. She is getting her 4th molar and I'm guessing her "I" teeth cause they are super swollen. She is miserable which in turn makes me miserable. She keeps waking up super early, not napping at all and whining constantly. If I even utter the word "no" she FLIPS out. And her new way of getting attention and trying to get her way... Screaming at the top of her lungs for about 3 seconds. No tears. No nothing. Just screaming. I also think it's time to try potty training. Every time I change her diaper she cries and screams. She doesn't have a rash. I don't know what her deal is but if she is ready to give it a try I'm ready to teach. I know it may take a long time especially since we are moving soon but I'll keep going till she gets it.

Each time it snows in Michigan I get more excited to move. I'm also excited to find a gym where I live and go after Paul comes home from work. YAY! I'm really getting into working out again but I can't go to a gym here because it's $6 a visit or $200 for a pass for a year but since we are moving in 3 months why would I shell out $200 for that? And I called to see if I could pay per month even if it's a little more expensive but they refuse. Lame.

I've felt like I need some help with medicine recently. I'm not depressed but I have anger/anxiety issues. I feel like I snap quickly and when I do it's like a huge rush of feelings and my heart feels like it's gonna explode. I think if I don't get these problems treated I could just keel over one day from all the anxiety I have all this bottled up anger towards EVERYTHING. I feel bad for snapping at Jordyn for stupid things. Most days I can control it and take a step back but when I keep it in it just eats away at me for a little while. I think it has a lot to do with being stuck here day in and day out. And not having any friends IRL to talk to or visit with. Oh and did I mention Paul's car took a turn for the worst? Yep so now I'm really stranded here all day long. Sigh. Anyway I better go play with my kid before she starts watching the O.C.


Natalie said...

So sorry about the teething!! Lucy actually just got her frist 2 yesterday. She's been ok so far...we'll see.

Kara said...

Aww she's getting so big! Teeth make Jordyn look so old! I miss the gummy smile.

Adi said...

DUDE. Google Amber teething necklaces and get one for Jordyn. Marcus was a TERROR when he teethed until I bought that thing and now I can't even tell he's getting a tooth! He got two molars without me even realizing it!