Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday boring Friday

It's 10:15pm. I'm bored. What's new? Jordyn is bathed and in bed. My apartment is clean, well besides our room which is a disaster. My bills are done and most of my errands. I should be relaxing with a nice glass of wine but NO Paul wants to continue to stay in his boxers and watch the Terminator. Someone shoot me! It's lame when I bust my butt and even go to pick up dinner for us and he can't throw pants on to get me some wine. Bum!

Anyway, my x-mas spirit is slowing starting to come out. I bought some x-mas smelling candles today and Method's winter berry soap! MMMmmm smells SO GOOD! I'm really trying to hold out on taking down my turkey wall hanging and "Happy Fall" sign till after Thanksgiving but I don't know if I can wait. I'm excited to put the tree up too! I pulled out my winter owl which normally sits on the book shelf in the shadows cause Paul hates it and makes fun of me for buying it. Here it is with an apple cinnamon candle.

I finally brought in my outdoor Halloween decorations and my Halloween mat. I felt a little ridiculous looking outside at the pumpkin lanterns and spooky sign covered in snow. I miss Halloween already :(

Here is another x-mas siggy I made tonight. This little girl is so cute! I made her a siggy back in October and it won gold on my mommies siggy board. I used the same freebie kit by Janelle Paige for this one too. It's just so classic! Here it is.I need new pictures of Jordyn so I can update my siggy. Hopefully I get to check out her professional pictures soon. It's been 2 weeks but I know how busy Jean is. She had 3 sessions the day she did Jordyn's. Here is the link to her blog. I check it all the time! She does amazing stuff! Alright this is long. Time for sleep or more cleaning.


Adi said...

Yay for christmas spirit!! I'm getting kinda depressed because after that huge snow storm we had, we've gotten none of the white stuff and it feels like late September rather than late November :(

Kara said...

We've haven't had a real snow fall yet. But there better be some by Christmas or I'll be sad!